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Prescription Drug Misuse

Prescription drug abuse is when someone takes a medication that was prescribed for someone else or takes their own prescription in a way not intended by a doctor or for a different reason—like to get high. The misuse of Rx drugs are a growing health risk for teens.

Proper Rx disposal

Medications flushed down your toilet end up in our lakes, rivers, and ground water. Please dispose of unwanted or expired prescription drugs at the Lake Havasu Police Department located at:
2360 North McCulloch Blvd.,

Marijuana Use by Youth

Marijuana is the #2 drug of choice for youth. Introducing any mind altering substance to the developing brain causes changes (sometimes permanent) to the way the brain develops.

Underage Drinking

The negative consequences of underage drinking are more widespread and serious than previously known. A growing body of research shows that alcohol can change the way the brain works and the way it’s wired, and may have consequences reaching far beyond adolescence.

Let us introduce ourselves

What is YADAH?

Founded in 2009, Young Adult Development Association of Havasu (YADAH) is a community coalition formed in Lake Havasu City to address the needs of our youth.

This group of concerned citizens meets monthly to discuss local youth substance use/abuse/misuse and plans strategies to combat access to alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs used illegally and other drugs as they may become problematic.

Our Mission: Our mission is to bring knowledge and activities to LHC through active engagement of community members to facilitate the maintenance of healthy lifestyles for our youth and their families.

Our Vision: A drug free community that empowers and enriches the lives of our youth and families.

Community resources and programs


Delivered prior to the onset of a disorder, these interventions are intended to prevent or reduce the risk of developing a behavioral health problem, such as underage alcohol use, prescription drug misuse and abuse, and illicit drug use.

Our coalition is maintaining a current list of local resources for Parent and Youth Community Resources. If you find yourself in need of assistance or looking for activities for your children to be engaged with, please refer to the list of programs and organizations linked below.

1.3 Billion

In 2013, underage drinking cost the citizens of Arizona.

25.9% Alcohol

2012 – Lifetime use
8th graders in Lake Havasu

26.3% Marijuana

2012 – Lifetime use
8th graders in Lake Havasu

12.4% Prescription Drugs

2012 – Lifetime use
8th graders in Lake Havasu

Tracking heroin’s hold on Arizona

Hooked AZ

Heroin is exacting a deadly and devastating toll across Arizona, particularly among teens and young adults. Addicts, police, and experts tell their stories in “Hooked: Tracking heroin’s hold on Arizona”.

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