Coalition Meeting and Announcements – February

Please mark your calendar for our Monday, February 13, 2017 Coalition Meeting. Also, please invite a friend or colleague.

POSTPONED – Digital Story Telling / Script Writing / 02/4/17 (this Saturday)
We have 0 (zero) youth sign-ups for this event. When we hold our 02/13 meeting, I will have the youth review their calendars and determine their 2-best dates. I will then speak with the script writer to see if there is a match for holding this at a later date. I will ask the youth if it would be feasible to do one after school or if we will keep it on a weekend.

Arizona Youth Survey – 2016 / LHC Zip Codes
We received the AYS16 for Lake Havasu City Zip Codes. We are in the process of printing the pages and compiling a report for your review. Look for this as an agenda item in March.

To date, we have only received 1 (one) RSVP for our mandatory Leadership Training Workshop on Saturday, 02/11/17. This is a grant deliverable. We welcome your RSVP’s OR suggestions on how to accomplish this task. We are required to bring together at least 10 coalition members and some of our youth. HELP? ADVICE?

I hope to receive your thoughts and see you at the 02/13 meeting. Thank you for your service to youth in Lake Havasu City.

Download PDF File of Agenda:

YADAH 02-13-2017 Agenda