YADAH Program Goals

Our goal is to reduce substance use among youth and, over time, reduce substance abuse among adults by addressing the factors in a community that increase the risk of substance abuse and promoting the factors that minimize the risk of substance abuse.

Education Programs

Used to influence community norms, increase public awareness, and attract community support for a variety of prevention issues.

Youth and young adult

Marijuana Use

Marijuana is the #2 drug of choice for youth. Marijuana can have a dangerous effect on the developing adolescent brain. Introducing any mind altering substance to the developing brain causes changes (sometimes permanent) to the way the brain develops.

Youth and young adult

Alcohol Use

Many Americans begin drinking at an early age. According to the SAMHSA report Behavioral Health, United States, 2012, about 24% of eighth graders and 64% of twelfth graders used alcohol in the past year.

Youth and young adult

Rx Drug Misuse

Prescription opioids are powerful drugs with a high risk for dependency. Taking in high doses, and/or in combination with other substances — particularly alcohol — can result in life-threatening respiratory distress and death.

Reduce Underage Marijuana Use

Marijuana remains the most used illegal substance among youth. By the time they graduate from high school, about 45 percent of U.S. teens will have tried marijuana at least once in their lifetime.


All forms of marijuana are mind-altering (psychoactive). They change how the brain works.

Marijuana use by youth

Marijuana is the #2 drug of choice for youth.  The mind-altering chemical in marijuana is THC.  The THC level in today’s marijuana is higher than ever before causing marijuana to have a more dangerous effect on the developing adolescent brain. Introducing any mind altering substance to the developing brain causes changes (sometimes permanent) to the way the brain develops.

Effects on youth use

The New England Journal of Medicine reported adverse effects of just short-term marijuana use include “impaired short-term memory,” “impaired motor coordination,” “altered judgment” and, in high doses, “paranoia and psychosis.” Long-term use effects include “addiction” and “cognitive impairment.” All of this is especially consequential to the teen and adolescent user’s brain.

Reduce Youth Drinking

Talk with young people early and often about the dangers of underage drinking. With your help, we can make sure that young people understand that they do not need to drink to fit in, have fun, or deal with the pressures of growing up.


The effects of alcohol range from hangovers to death from alcohol poisoning.

Youth Binge Drinking

Youth Drinking

It is illegal for anyone, any age, to consume alcohol and drive a vehicle.
Binge Drinking is the consumption of 4 drinks (for women) and 5 drinks (for men) in “one sitting” (a party, sporting event)

It is illegal to consume alcohol if you are under 21.

12 is not the new 21

It’s a party foul

Social Host

When an individual, over the age of 21 – someone who is legal to consume alcohol – provides alcohol to someone under the age of 21, this is called SOCIAL HOST. Our Social Norms Campaign is:

Reduce Underage Prescription Abuse

The majority of youth who experiment with prescription drugs for the first time obtain these drugs from family members or a friend’s family member without consent – making that person an “Accidental Dealer.”

Prescription Drugs

Primarily tablets and capsules used medically to treat pain.

We want to reduce the misuse & abuse of Rx by our youth.

Prescription Drugs (Rx)

It is illegal to share your prescribed medication with anyone. In the US, practitioners prescribe based upon weight, gender, condition and other factors.

We want to reduce the criminal diversion of Rx by adults (if you share your medication, you are criminally diverting it).

Danger of Counterfeit RX Drugs | You Think You Know (youthinkyouknowct.org)



(OTC) Medication

It is not a healthy practice to help others find symptomatic relief of an undiagnosed problem.

Youth tend to use OTC products to enhance effects of other substances.


Yadah is a distribution site through AZDHS. We store our Naloxone at Arizona Recovery Center ( 84 Acoma Blvd N # 104)

Any community member can obtain free Naloxone nasal spray, no questions asked.

What is Naloxone?

Naloxone is a medication that can quickly reverse an overdose from either prescribed painkillers or illicit forms of opioids such as heroin and fentanyl.

Problems associated with youth becoming bored

Through a partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield, YADAH is offering financial assistance to up to 50 youths aged 9-17 to help cover the costs of sports, clubs, a hobby, or needed supplies, which helps fulfill YADAH’s mission to steer local youth in positive directions and away from drugs and alcohol. 

In recent years, boredom was identified by Lake Havasu City youths as the second most common reason for trying opioids or alcohol, ranking just behind “wanting to have fun.”

To apply: Your youth must complete one of the following explaining the activity they want to do, why they chose it, and how it would benefit them:

*Write an essay
*Film a Video
*​Have an In-Person Interview

We are accepting applications starting February 1,2024.


YADAH is offering financial assistance

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