Among the reasons given by youth for trying drugs or alcohol was to have fun and boredom. Getting them involved in athletics solves both.

Did You Know … Baseball

Getting youth involved in athletics will help keep them away from drugs and alcohol.

Getting youth involved in athletics will help keep them away from drugs and alcohol.

So you think you know baseball?

Riddle me this: when does the centerfielder cover home plate?

The answer’s quite simple, but it’s a quick way to help young players understand there is always a place to be on any given play.

The answer: when nobody else can.

Baseball has a history so rich nobody really knows where or when it was invented. It is known that Abner Doubleday had nothing to do with its creation.

The origin of the game has been a source of heated debate, especially in the 19th century. The English suggested baseball arose from a game known as “rounders” and those in the United States believed it was a strictly American sport.

The first known reference to baseball in America dates back to 1786. But, the first recorded baseball game between organized clubs didn’t take place until 1846.

In the event you’re curious, the New York Nine defeated the Knickerbockers 23-1 in Hoboken, New Jersey.

The drubbing may have been a bit humbling considering the first known written rules for baseball were penned for the Knickerbockers (for basketball fans, that is the full name of the Knicks).

Those rules put an end to “plugging,” which was the art of throwing out a runner … by hitting them with the ball.

Needless to say, such a practice often ended in a brawl. Instead, a runner could be tagged, or forced out.

But baseball remained largely unorganized until the late 1800’s, when the current National League was born.

Those listening to a National League game may hear the term “Senior Circuit.” That’s because the league was the first to emerge in 1876, followed nearly 20 years later by the American League.

There was a good deal of in-fighting between the two leagues, but in 1903 they came to an agreement that paved the way for the first World Series, in which the Boston Americans defeated the Pittsburg Pirates.

The Pirates are a familiar name in baseball, but the team with the longest tenure in one city is the Philadelphia Phillies, which were founded in 1883. However, the oldest baseball franchise honor goes to the Braves.

The team bounced around a bit before landing in Atlanta, but the Braves were founded in Boston in 1871 and joined the National League in 1876.

But why baseball on the YADAH Facebook site?

Athletics have many health benefits, but football is nearing its conclusion and basketball is well underway, but the start of baseball is growing near.

Playing baseball is a healthy activity, promoting both physical and mental well-being.

Of course there’s the physical exercise associated with athletics that helps strengthen the heart, arms and legs. There’s also the ability to burn calories simply by being active.

Mentioned on YADAH Facebook more than once is the importance of being outdoors because the sun provides an excellent source of vitamin D. The vitamin helps the body to absorb and metabolize calcium and phosphorus.

The game itself, however, gets the brain involved. Going back to the question at the start of this story, there’s always some place to be on any given play.

Not to mention the hand-eye coordination. After all, baseball is a game where you take one round object, another round object, and try to meet them square.

If that’s not enough, youth playing baseball have fewer health issues and are more likely to avoid substance abuse and attend college.

If you didn’t know, now you do.